workAbout Our Courses

Lentz & Lentz SAT Prep offers classes that help students prepare for the SAT, PSAT and ACT using review exercises and practice tests with skilled instructors. Our three hour-per-session 24 hour individualized program is geared to assist bright, average and underachieving students. Class time is split equally between English and math, covering all facets of the exam.

The verbal part consists of an essay, grammar, reading comprehension, contextual vocabulary practice and time-saving strategies for improving reading speed. The mathematical part covers a myriad of problems including arithmetical skills, exponents, algebra, basic geometry, algebra II, trigonometry, the grid response sheet and modern mathematics concepts.

Class time is equally devoted to the reading and writing section and the mathematics section, with a focus on establishing time-saving systematic methods of attack and implementing strategic techniques for more efficacious practice in class and at home.

Class sessions consist of lectures, practice problems, memory devices, quizzes, distribution of data sheets and tip sheets with ample opportunity for question and answer periods. A host of test-taking tips and approaches are provided to increase individual speed and accuracy. Homework is designed to reinforce skills learned in class.

We want to give you the opportunity to perform to your optimum. We don’t want you to let your high school years go “by the boards.”