Our PSAT and SAT Preparation Course

classroomLentz & Lentz offers a comprehensive PSAT review course designed to prepare college bound students for the annual October PSAT. The PSAT and SAT tests measure skills which take time to develop. These tests play a significant role in college admission, scholarships, grants and financial aid. Our PSAT preparation course provides instruction that familiarizes students with practice PSAT questions, proper PSAT test taking skills, short cuts and methods of interpretation, enabling students to test successfully. Why not prepare in a leisurely way with no pressure over an extended period of time by taking the best PSAT course available? Everything you learn through your PSAT practice is applicable to the SAT practice as well.

As you are probably aware, both the PSAT and SAT have changed. Students who begin preparing early have a huge advantage. The PSAT, which is used as the criteria for the National Merit Scholarship, reflects SAT skills needed for the spring exam.

In addition, juniors will be able to return in the spring for two free additional lessons before the May exam, or have the opportunity to take the whole program over at a dramatically discounted price. Beginning a program now, enables juniors to maximize their skills over an extended period of time without a lot of pressure, making it easier to attain desired results.